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A smart cabling  system can pay for itself many times over during it's lifetime. Good decisions today can  eliminate costly recabling in the future. Advanced Communication Resources utilizes only top quality cabling products from manufactures such as Panduit, AMP, Belden, Ortronics, Chatsworth and Siecor. Our experienced staff can perform site surveys to determine the cabling  systems and components that will provide the infrastructure requirements you need today as well as  for the future.

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Cable  Types

Category 3: cable is designed for voice  and data communication. It is a 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable that will support data  transmission up to 10Mbps (Mega Bits per Second). 10Mbps data transmission is the well known Ethernet standard. This is also referred to as 10Base-T.

Category 5: cable is designed for data  communication, but can also be used for voice. It also is a 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable that will support data transmission up to 100Mbps. Data communications over category 5 cable at  100 Mbps comes in two flavors. The most popular is referred to as Fast Ethernet and is also known as 100Base-T.  A less popular version is referred to as 100VG-Anylan

Category 5e: Also known as Enhanced category 5, this  cable is somewhat higher in performance than the category 5 cable above. In order to install a category 5e system, the jacks at the workstation locations and the patch panel in the  equipment room must also be rated at category 5e. Currently, manufacturers have  discontinued making category 5 cable as the industry moves toward the higher performance of category  6.  Category 5e is now the minimum recognized performance level for unshielded cable used for data communication.

Category 6: as well as category 7 are the newest specifications for high performance cabling.  Category 6 is to be specified to 250Mhz  and category 7 is to be specified to 600Mhz. These advanced cables are suited for supporting  Gigabit Ethernet, also known as 1000Base-T. Of course, this high performance also carries with it a much higher cost. Unless there is a specific need or requirement for this higher performance cable, category 5e is still a viable solution for the majority of customer installations. Ratification of the associated standards for category 6 and 7 is not predicted for  several months.


Modular Jack Styles

The 6 position jack is commonly used for voice systems. The  6 position modified jack is also referred to as a Modified Modular Jack, or MMJ.  It was designed by Digital Equipment Corporation® (DEC) along with the modified modular plug  (MMP) to eliminate the possibility of connecting DEC data equipment to voice lines and vice  versa.

The 8 position jack is commonly used for data installations  using category 5 type cable. The modified version of the 8 position jack was designed with a  matching "keyed" plug that would hopefully keep someone from plugging this keyed plug into  the wrong modular outlet. This type of jack and plug is rarely used.

The 6-position modular jack is commonly referred to as an  RJ11. Using these terms can sometimes lead to confusion since the RJ designations  actually refer to very specific wiring configurations contained in the Universal Service Order Code (USOC) book.  The designation RJ means Registered Jack. Each of these basic jack styles can be  wired for different RJ configurations.  For example, the 6-position jack can be wired as an RJ11C  (1-pair), RJ14C (2-pair), or RJ25C (3-pair) configuration.

The same holds true of the 8 position jacks. The  8-position modular outlets are commonly and incorrectly referred to as RJ45. An 8-position jack can be wired for configurations such as RJ61C (4-pair) and RJ48C. The keyed 8-position jack can  be wired for RJ45S, RJ46S, and RJ47S.

Even though it is technically incorrect, when most people refer to an RJ45 jack, they are referring either to a jack or plug that has 8 wires contained within an 8 position footprint, (8w x 8p).

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