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Changing the Date & Time on the Protege Phone System:

  • Note: Programming codes are based on using the “Function” key on the telephone.
    Whenever you see the letter “F”, this means press the “Function” Key.  When reference is made to a key such as F1 or F2 or F3, this refers to one of the flexible function keys directly under the keyset display.
  • First go to any display type telephone
  • Access the Attendant Programming by pressing F#0.
  • Enter 1 for the tenant group then press the F2 key under the display.
  • Enter the 4 digit password at the next prompt.
  • You are now in Attendant Programming mode.
  • Press the F2 (next) key 3 times until you see “System Time”
  • Press the F3 (show) key to display the current settings. (The current year is displayed.
  • Press the F2 (next) key 4 times until you get to the hour display.
  • Press the F3 (chg) button to blank this field. Enter in the current time using 2 digits.
    Note: This information is input in 24 hour format. Example: 2pm is 14.  8am is 08.
  • Once this information is entered press the F2 (save) key to save the change.
  • Press F2 (next) to display the current minutes.  If not correct press F3 (chg).
  • Enter in the 2 digits for the minutes then press the F2 (save) key.
  • Press the Clear button on the phone to exit out of programming mode.
  • Your time should now be correct.

More tips & tricks to come!

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